1. This is quite possibly the best Half Marathon, in the World

    February 5, 2017 by Toby Levy

    Far back, deep in the depths of history, before iPhones, juice cleanses and Netflix, there lived a Great King, Dunwallo he, of Arthurian times, formed a settlement in that land that would one day form Wessex. His Legacy moved forward to a time when the bric a brac of his kingdom was built upon by Osmumd, The Bishop of Salisbury, who built his Castle at the borders, or as we scholars say, “ad Divisas.” Thus began the history of this town, that would be the centre of two great battles for English power, backing the winner in the former, and losing with the crown in the latter….

    Trust of Devizes

    Battle of Roundway down, be part of history

    “Toby! Seriously Toby no one cares, they want to know what we are doing at Devizes!”

    Ah, right, you mean one of Race Checks top 5 Road Races from 2016?

    “Yes Toby, that’s the one.”

    You mean the Wiltshire Race of the Year?

    “Are you shamelessly namedropping our awards and accolades?”

    Yes, yes I am! And this year we are back, and are the nominated race for the Wiltshire half marathon Championships, as we get ready to go from the green on a tour of those beautiful villages in the Moonraker heartland, that birthplace of modern cloth manufacture, that home of Devizes Cassimere.

    We’re back for 2017, are you?

    Where else could you run past the home of the last master cooper in Britain, a brewery blending the ancient shire horse delivery, with its Victorian equipment, together with some of the finest 21st century Steinecker equipment, where as you run, you’ll be able to ponder what pint you’ll try first.

    For the safe stowage of your bags we are ever grateful to WTTL for sponsoring us with the loan of one of their amazing trucks, if you need an HGV license, then they are the guys to get you through, as they’re true to their word that they are driving up standards in transporting.

    We are also far more importantly than anything else, encouraging people this year to, if they are looking for a charity to raise money for, to consider the Trussell Trust food banks who run over 420 food banks across the UK and not only help provide up to 3 days of nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to those in crisis. But also help point those people towards the right help they need, a Trust that not only helps people cope but guides them to a solution, that’s something to champion!

    At what other race could you have the pleasure of a 10 minute sports massage, provided by the fantastic people at South West Sports Massage for the amazing price of £5! Such a small price to pay for full on recovery.

    What about food? And coffee? We need these post treat snacks, and our families and friends they need feeding and fresh hot coffee to whet their appetite! Well my dear dear readers we have delivered! The Coffee Gang bring you fair trade, bean to cup Colombian coffee along with Hot Chocolate made from cocoa sourced deep in the Dominican Republic. But what about dessert! I hear you cry, yes friends, Raffaeles will be there offering Mr Whippy and Walls ice creams, leaving the only choice being which first!

    Alas, how can we document this latest event in the long history of that border town of Norman times, that holdfast of King Dunwallo, well by land and by air we have you covered, there’s no sea except for the 5 water stations tactically laid along the course to quench your thirst as you salivate over the thought of your first round of fajitas! We have Charles Whitton Photography, our trusty friend with the lens, with all the agile of Peter Parker he gets himself around the course ensuring we are caught at our most glamorous as we tackle this Racecheck contender for no.1 road race 2017 as voted by you smashing folk. Hang on Toby, you said by air? Great Scott you’re right, not only content with gaining masterful shots of our loyal sports fans we have the pleasure of our dear friends AAIR who will be our eye in the sky as they create yet another stunning race video for us.

    All that remains for you is to enter, I’ll be there, I’ll see you at the start line, grab your friends, collar your family, sign up your office this is the place to be, 9th April, at 9.30. Bring your trainers, bring you’re A-Game it doesn’t matter how fast your run, it matters that when people look back on this chapter in Devizes’ storied past, you can say, with pride, I was there, I ran to the Rhythm, I ran to the beat, I kept my feet moving and boy, did I pound the street!

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