Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Visible

November 4, 2016 by Toby Levy

Good evening sports fans! How are we all? I feel that ever since the clocks went back that the temperature is getting lower.. time to dream about next seasons race calendar? That’s what I’ve been doing. Filling out my calendar for 2017 and taking the time to see what fun events are out there. I’ve definitely got the Devizes half logged in my diary, have you?

With the weather getting colder it’s, as a few friends and family, a mixture of personal trainers, a nurse and a physio, who are therefore far more qualified on the subject than me, have reminded me about the importance of warming up!

Yes I know you’re all saying it’s important all year long, however the colder it gets outside, the longer it takes for your muscles to warm up. Also it gives your brain the chance to mentally get ready to go out in the chill, because, if you’re anything like me, being a fair weather sportsman makes the winter very unappealing.

So, now you’re warmed up, psyched up and raring to go, I have to stop you there, and ask that, if you turned the lights off, could you see yourself in the mirror? If not you best rethink your workout wardrobe. A high vis vest or jacket can be picked up very cheaply these days from most good retailers and some even give them for free when purchasing head torches, got to love a bargain!

All I hear these days, when I’m out and about, is people complaining about that runner up the bypass looking like they’re on a special ops mission, or that cyclist blending into the mist. I’m here to say let’s stop those boring motorists from complaining and dress like a supernova! In fact get inspiration from your Christmas tree. With the fitness market providing almost every product in 50 shades of neon it’s so easy to furnish yourself with a really smart and attractive fitness wardrobe, without breaking the bank.

This guy is doing it right!

Trust me, if you are fully visible when you set out, you’ll succeed in dazzling our grumpy motor friends, you’ll still look great, and most importantly of all, you’ll ensure that your safety is properly accounted for, if someone can’t see you when you look like a Phoenix then they are driving in their sleep. Oh and if you want my favourite reason to be as noticeable as possible… it’s because if you’re going to all that effort to get out in the cold, you’ll want as many people you know as possible to have seen you so you don’t need to Instagram your run as proof that you exercise! 
All that remains for me to say is please follow my advice on this, you’re safety is very important to me! Without you I’d only be writing this blog for our esteemed race director, and he likes marmite too much for me to do that!

So wrap up warm, enjoy the fireworks if you’re out this weekend, and dress so brightly you attract all the moths in a ten mile radius. Stay safe friends!

Toby Levy

Social Media and Blogger Representative

About Toby Levy

Having been with LPS Events since the beginning, I can often be found carrying heavy objects around our events or assisting within the set up and running of the event. As a keen Triathlete, having recently signed up to IronMan 70.3 in Vichy, I endeavour to bring you all the tips from beginners advice to quirky bits of tech knowledge.

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