Challenge that Autumn Slumber!

October 14, 2016 by Toby Levy

As the days grow shorter and the base layers grow longer it’s easy to stay indoors and go all Yogi Bear with your training and hibernate till spring returns…I hold my hand up and say I haven’t ran as much this past week as I intended, only managing a few excursions outside, I could give all manner of excuses but that would be counterproductive to the message I want to convey this week.

I want to get the people of Wiltshire, the South West and the World Wide Web to embrace the chilly runs, find a good warm set of workout gear, you don’t have to go overboard on price, even just an old hoody layer up, bear in mind you will warm up once you’re out and probably don’t want to cart around half your winter wardrobe (does that count as weight training?)

You might think there isn’t much opportunity to run, and many people, after a long day at work aren’t keen on venturing out in the dark, better to cosy up with some wine, choccies and that latest Netflix original series… wrong!

There are so many places you can get that winter sesh in, with more local running, cycling and swimming clubs than ever, just waiting for new members, which not only gives you a great new group of training buddies, but it also means you don’t even have to plan your sessions! Result!

My inspiration for every race comes from this gem of a film! It doesn’t matter what your fitness just keep going!

Not only that but there are so many races leading up to Christmas, and whilst the roads aren’t overly kind to cyclists, without taking a trip to the nearest velodrome to catch on the Trott-Kenny fever, there are plenty of running events from 5k’s including Parkrun events, and great Christmas themed 5 and 10k events plenty to whet your appetite as you break in those new trainers you asked for many months in advance from Father Christmas!

In short I want us to make a covenant, me and you, let’s forget about New Years resolutions and joining the gym in January, let’s not think of this as out of season, but tapering from last season running straight into pre season training! I promise you that I’m going to get out as much as I can, run through wind, rain, heat and even the gloom of night we will run to the rhythm, run to the beat, keep our feet moving and pound the street!

Let me know how your training is going, and between us we can earn a few more helpings at Christmas!

Next week I will be doing a jargon buster for buying trainers, as we get closer to the season of gifting, whether you’re buying for the athlete in your life, or treating yourself I’ll try to make sure you can see through the marketing and pick the right product for you!

Toby Levy

Social Media and Blogger Representative

About Toby Levy

Having been with LPS Events since the beginning, I can often be found carrying heavy objects around our events or assisting within the set up and running of the event. As a keen Triathlete, having recently signed up to IronMan 70.3 in Vichy, I endeavour to bring you all the tips from beginners advice to quirky bits of tech knowledge.

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