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October 22, 2016 by Toby Levy

Well haven’t I been productive, as promised I’ve been out being active every day and combining a gym and run at least 4 times since we last spoke… what have you been doing? Have you held up your end of the bargain?
This week I said I was going to beat the Coca Cola advert to it and mention Christmas, I know it’s not November yet, but even if you haven’t started thinking about presents for the important people in your life, then, like me you’ve probably thought a great deal about presents for yourselves!

With Christmas being where it is, I think it’s a fantastic time of year to get a new pair of trainers, that way they’ve plenty of time to wear in and allow you to train in them before spring hits us with it’s waves of marathons and other races.

The important thing when buying trainers, like anything, is to buy smart, don’t get taken in by jargon, have a proper gait analysis, and above all else, try loads of shoes on!

Now what was that you ask? What does the jargon all mean?

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the systematic study of human locomotion, using the eye and the brain of observers, augmented by… sorry can’t do it, this is why jargon makes life so much less fun!

A Gait Analysis is, in sports shopping terms, a way for trained staff to roughly categorise the way you run either by videoing you on a treadmill from the hips down, or by watching you run up and down outside the shop.

It’s not an exact science, a lot of it still comes down to comfort, and running on a treadmill is a very different experience, however, having a go in a well recommended shop, with an experienced runner can often provide a lot of help and advice, the sort you wouldn’t get online or from most chain stores.


This is when the foot rolls inwards, caused by a flattening of the arch, often described as having flat feet. Often this ends up with support shoes being offered, however, if you’ve never worn support shoes, and never had an issue, you might not need to change. Comfort is King remember. Just to iron this point home Haile Gebrselassie, the former Olympic and World champion 10 and 5k runner was known for his overpronation, and lack of support shoes.. and he seemed to do just fine!

This is essentially the opposite of Overpronation, and is when the foot rolls outwards putting more pressure onto the outside of the foot. There are brands out there that specialise in this, and often a highly cushioned shoe is advocated. My advice is to try some on and think of the comfort.

That’s all I’m going to go with this week on the jargon front, lest I overload you and make you too tired for your Sunday run! Apologies for the delay in this weeks piece, but I do hope that you’re all using the last bits of warmth we have to get outside!

Please let me know of anything you would like me to cover, or any area in multisport you would like me to research and I will get on it!

Toby Levy

Social Media and Blogger Representative

About Toby Levy

Having been with LPS Events since the beginning, I can often be found carrying heavy objects around our events or assisting within the set up and running of the event. As a keen Triathlete, having recently signed up to IronMan 70.3 in Vichy, I endeavour to bring you all the tips from beginners advice to quirky bits of tech knowledge.

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