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We have an exciting development to move Bowood House Triathlon to a new venture and bring the athlete experience one not to be forgotten. This is a fantastic opportunity, and we are really looking forward to the positive move. LPS Events Ltd will no longer be the exclusive delivery partner, however we will still have some involvement to ensure that the years of experience we have built up can be built upon further. We are really excited to share this event with you. 

Bowood House Triathlon will be delivered by Bowood House Triathlon Ltd from 2021. If you have entered the event under LPS Events Ltd your entry will be transferred over to the new organisation and you are not required to do anything. LPS Events Ltd will no longer handle the management or delivery of this event. If you have any queries please contact or visit the website

LPS Events Ltd will be writing to all those who have entered in January 2021 once the move has been finalised. 


Bowood House Duathlon Events


Unfortunately this event is no longer staged.