Charles Whitton Photography

For event photographs from all of our 2019 events, please visit Charles Whitton Photography by clicking the button below. 

Charles Whitton specialises in photography with events and portrait work. Charles and his team will be focusing on some of the best locations within the event to capture you at your best performance. If you would like a specific photo taken with your kit, friends or training partner, please get in touch with them on the day.

During the events, the aim is to capture at least one photo of each competitor, however this may not be possible. Photographs will be uploaded to the Charles Whitton Photography website and not on here. 


13.10.2019 - Bowood House Duathlon - click here
29.09.2019 - Devizes 10km - click here
01.09.2019 - Cotswolds Individual Team Relay Super Sprint Triathlon - click here
31.08.2019 - Cotswolds End Of Season Triathlon - click here
18.08.2019 - North Wiltshire Sportive - click here
18.08.2019 - Cotswolds Marathon Swim - click here
11.08.2019 - Cotswolds Standard Triathlon - click here
10.08.2019 - Cotswolds Standard Triathlon - click here
30.06.2019 - Bowood House Triathlon Events - click here
29.06.2019 - Bowood House Triathlon Events - click here
19.06.2019 - Cotswolds Evening Triathlon, Race 2 - click here 
25.05.2019 - Cotswolds Novice Events - click here
15.05.2019 - Cotswolds Evening Triathlon, Race 1 - click here
05.05.2019 - Oldbury White Horse Sprint Triathlon - click here
04.05.2019 - Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon - click here
07.04.2019 - Devizes Half Marathon - click here