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Preparing for a Cycling Event

Preparation for the big day is crucial.  You must be preparing both mentally and physically to ensure your race day goes well. Also ensuring you have the correct bike is very important and there are plenty of online shops which can help you choose the correct bike, if you need some advice, feel free to get in touch.

When it comes to picking the right race you need to choose one which is suited to your ability level. Beginners should target a suitable race which is within their achievement and training capabilities. Start small and gain experience before you try the tougher ones.


If you are training for your first race the most important thing is to stay fit. If you are looking for cycle coaching click here. Going to a cycling race unprepared could result in an unenjoyable experience.  Ensure you digest lots of complex carbohydrates and amino acids regularly. These will replenish your supply of blood glucose and muscle glycogen levels as they are used up and this help you stay energized for the ride.

Riding alongside other cyclists should be part of your training. You will need to feel confident riding alongside other cyclists at high speeds. Join groups via social networks, which you can find through our facebook page. It will help you meet people who are also training for a cycling race.

Try the actual race course with an experienced cyclist if you can. If you can, cycle the course several times so you have a mental map of what to expect. You will know how many hills there are, corners, junctions, etc. this knowledge will help you be more mentally prepared for these parts of the race and also give you an advantage over your competitors.

Day before the Race

  • Clean your bike and do any maintenance with enough time for problems
  • Eat a healthy meal, not too heavy, as this will lay heavy on your stomach.  If you have been training hard you should know what works best for you.
  • Ensure your water bottles and energy food are prepared.
  • Don't rest all day, take one more preparation ride to get the muscles you will be using on race day ready.
  • Check the weather forcast for the race day and get appropriate clothing ready for the race and also a change of clothing for once the race is complete.

Race Day

  • Have a healthy breakfast about 3 hours before the start of the race. Eat something healthy such as oatmeal, muesli and some fruit.  Also try and eat some protein such as an egg or yogurt as this will help slow down the absorbtion of sugars. Stick to what has worked on your training days.
  • Check you have your race licence as you won't be able to race without it.
  • Check the weather forecast again and ensure you have the appropriate clothing ready.
  • Once at the race, sign in, get your number and do some stretches.
  • Try to drink a bottle of fluid every hour and if you have gel, eat that in the last 20 minutes of the race.
  • If this is your first race, your goal should be to finish it, not win it.  Do not try to take part in the final sprint as without experience it could cause injury. You should be using the race as experience with the goal to win one day. 
  • Most importantly ride safe, enjoy yourself and have fun!


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