2022 Events - Scheduled to open 1st November 2021

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Location:Our 2022 events open for entry soon, scroll down to see what is open.

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2022 Events

Our 2022 events include Triathlon, Duathlon, Running, Cycling and Swimming. These have been modified from the original event in our first year, to bring you an even better experience. 

To find out more details about an event, simply click on the event you wish to find out more, and you will be able to find out the Swimming, Cycling and Running route of each one if this has been finalised. 

Once dates are fixed and all other details have been finalised, then we will get these open for entries. Prior to this, if we have only a few details finalised, then you can express your interest on our interest list of those not currently open.


Our swimming events or events that include swimming take place in three locations for 2021. Our first event is in a community swimming pool, where it is great for winter and early season training, but also the best option for getting beginners into the sport of triathlon. Our other swimming inclusive events take place in a clear freshwater lake in the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding beauty on the Wiltshire & Gloucestershire borders. Our most prestigious swimming event, takes place in Bowood House, a private estate which is opened up during the summer months for visitors. 


Our cycling events or events that include cycling take place mainly on tarmac surfaces which make this ideal for road bikes. Other competitors use hybrids, time trial or even mountain bikes for these cycling events. There is no real restrictions providing they meet the dimensions and safety standard for the event. Some of our cycling courses are flat, whilst others are undulating, which gives a good all round bike control and the opportunity for mixed cycle training sessions.


Our running events or events that include running take place on a variety of terrain. Our season starts with an off road true cross country run, which is tough and muddy, however it makes for a good end of the winter season challenge. Off road running also gives you a good base for the summer road running as it helps improve your core and joint stability. The main bulk of our running events take place on hard packed trails or tracks, which give you good joint protections from the solid ground. Our season finishes with a road race half marathon running event in a historic market town.

Triathlon, Duathlon & Multi Sport

Triathlon is the most common and fastest growing multisport, often abbreviated to 'tri'. Typically a tri is made of of swimming, cycling and running. Duathlons, similar but more winter based when swimming is not viable due to temperature is made up of running, cycling and running. Other multi sport events can be made from a combination of these diciplines. Aqua Bike, a fairly new concept is swimming, followed by cycling - great for those who can't run. Aquathlon is another, low cost sport that only involves swimming and running. Triathletes will train using any combination of these events for their main goal. We have many events for you to take part in.

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