Helen Webster - Coach


Contact Helen here: www.helenwebsterswimcoaching.com

My open-water journey began in 2013 when I went from complete non-swimmer to competing in open water so I could take part in triathlons. So, if you are new to outdoor swimming, I understand the mixed feelings of nerves and excitement!

In the years since then, I've fallen in love with swimming outdoors and am passionate about sharing that passion with other swimmers. I qualified as an STA Level 2 Open-Water Swim Coach in June 2021 after completing the course run by Olympian Keri-anne Payne andrecognise that whether you need coaching to give you the confidence to dip your toe for the first time, or to gain the competitive edge in a triathlon swim, a friendly face can make a big difference. I’m known for my reassuring and friendly coaching style and for inspiring my swimmers through a mix of knowledge and encouragement.

I enjoy competing in long-distance swim events and in 2021 swam Lake Coniston, with the ‘Lakes Triple Crown’ (Coniston, Ullswater and Windermere) planned as my main goal for 2022. Through my day job as Editor of 220 Triathlon magazine I have also competed in numerous triathlons and swimruns all over the world, so really understand the skills needed to do well in a variety of events and conditions.

I will be offering group sessions and workshops on Wednesday evenings at Lake 62, covering the following topics:

·      Introduction to open-water

·      Front crawl development 

·      Race skills and techniques

I am also available for 1-2-1 sessions which will be tailored to your individual needs.

To book any of the above or to find out more please follow me on Instagram (@helenwebster­_swimcoaching) or visit www.helenwebsterswimcoaching.com.