Marshals Information Page

If you have volunteered for Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon, you can download everything you require from here.

Saturday 1st May, 13:00 registration, 14:00 start, Calne Community Campus, SN11 0SP. 

Please bring with you your own face mask/covering and hand sanitiser. We will have masks available and additional PPE for you if required and desired. Sanitiser dispensers will be located around the event site. 

Arrival times for briefing - click staff list below for your location.

  • Registration 12:40pm (briefing with Luke Campbell) - registration
  • Transition 12:40pm (briefing with Nina Matthews-Law) - transition
  • Mount, Dismount & Finish 13:40pm (briefing with Nina Matthews-Law) - transition
  • Run Course & Bike Course Marshals 13:40pm (briefing with Luke Shipway) - finish line 
  • Poolside and Entrance 13:40pm (briefing with Toby Levy) - bike rack by front door

Staff list & map: view here 
Race information: read here and see additional links within the page
Set up plan: view here
Itinerary: view here
Medical procedures: view here

Video briefing is available here.

On arrival, head for the event staff meeting point, (LPS Events van) which is located in front of the leisure centre building. Here you can pick up your high viz jacket, LPS Events lanyard, staff neck scarf/face covering and any additional PPE. All event staff will be able to get hot drinks and bottled water from the red LPS Food gazebo.

We thank you, on behalf of us and our athletes for supporting our event.