Nurhu will be supporting the Cotswolds Lake 62 Novice & Sprint events on Saturday 21st May 2022.

Herts-based start-up business Nurhu, based on the Rothamsted campus in Harpenden, launched their innovative, eco-friendly and plastic-free energy bars late last year.

The products are designed to be wrapper-free, waterproof, fully-edible, high-energy snacks and are also vegetarian. Just wash and go!

The idea behind the product comes from biologist Daniel Bedford and nutritionist Malgorzata Sobieralska who are passionate about giving people convenient energy whenever they need it and reducing the amount of litter seen in our environment today. Their investor, a keen cyclist, was getting really fed up of seeing so many energy wrappers littering the countryside when he was out and about so decided to do something about it.

Following two years of research and development work at Rothamsted, Nurhu have now launched their first line of wrapper-free energy bars – Mixed Berry, Honeycrunch and Nuts 'n' nuts. The products are packaging-free, plastic-free and litter-free, perfect for energy on the go.

If you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer or general fitness enthusiast, Nurhu bars will give you a healthy energy boost without creating waste on the way. You can simply pop one in your pocket and eat it on the go.

Find out more about Nurhu here