Terms & Conditions


               LPS Events

Revised 31st October 2019


Terms & Conditions


You/Your – The participant

We/Us – LPS Events


You must read through and accept the Terms & Conditions for the events which LPS Events hold. If you do not agree, you may not enter the event.



You have read and agreed to the disclaimer for each event held by LPS Events. Third party events will have their own disclaimer.


Data Protection

LPS Events are required to store information regarding your entry details in order to sort out race starts. Full information will be shared only between directors, restricted information will be passed onto timing staff, medical information will be passed onto medical staff, names, clubs and age groups will be made public in start lists and results. By submitting a phone number you agree to receive text messages for event correspondance.


Withdrawal Policy

Any person who withdraws from one of our events:

No refunds will be given once entered, for grounds of double booking, under training, injury or other reason.

Medical grounds - if you are unable to compete due to medical reasons then we will be able to transfer your entry to another person or another event.

Entries are not refunded as once we receive your entry, this is already put towards the cost of the event.


Vouchers & Discounts

Codes are only for individual or group use as agreed and sharing with anyone else will lead to your entry being void. Any group entry code will be expected to show proof of affiliation to the club. 

Once a code has been generated for an event, this must be used by the expiry date and for the event it has been agreed for. It is not possible to roll it over if you are unable to meet the terms. 


Transaction Charge

To ensure we can keep the cost of the event affordable to you and viable for us, there will be an applied transaction fee added to the overall cost of your events. This will be 5%. All currencies will be in GBP (£).



Nothing will be posted to you. All confirmation and correspondance will be sent to the email address provided.


Registration for an event

Pre Registering - The Entry Process

You must answer all the registration questions honestly about yourself, otherwise your insurance will be void. Registration will be available through Race Nation website or by request on paper entry. It is your responsibility to enter your email address correctly and ensure your spam filters are set to receive emails from LPS Events. Any participant which does not receive event information may refer to the LPS Events website.

Event Registering

When registering for the event on the day, you must have photographic identification to confirm your identity or your transaction id number. If you cannot produce either of these, you may not be able to participate.

If you have entered any event as an affiliate to UKA, BTF or British Cycling, you must produce a valid licence at registration on the day, if you are unable to do this, you must purchase a day licence at the event. If you cannot produce a valid membership,  you will not be covered for the event, meaning you will not be able to participate. LPS Events will not refund you for any additional day licences which you have purchased.


Rules and Regulations

Each event will have its own rules and regulations set out by LPS Events. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood all the rules and regulations as per event. Any event which takes place on the public highway will follow the rules of the Highway Code. Any other event specific rules can be obtained from the British Triathlon Federation, UK Athletics and British Cycling. For third party events, you agree to their rules and regulations.


MP3 Players & iPods

In line with these rules above, any competitor found to be using a personal audio device, such as an MP3 player or iPod will be disqualified from the event and removed from the results. Our restrictions include bone conducting headphones. The ban is implemented for your safety during the event, and you will not be protected from ours or your insurers should there be an incident involving yourself whilst in posetion of the above. 



The age set out on each event has been governed by each individual body. By signing up for the event, you agree to be at least the minimum age required for the event. There is no upper age limit for any given event unless specified.


Valid Insurance

You must have valid insurance for any event which you participate in. This may be from your membership with British Triathlon or UK Athletics. If you are registering as a member of one of these governed bodies, you should chose the ‘affiliated’ entry option for an event, and you must provide your registration number during the entry process. If you are not a member then you must chose the ‘unaffiliated’ entry option for an event. This will carry an additional surcharge to cover the cost of your day insurance. Not all our events will be affiliated, however we will grant the affiliated body discount. Our public liability insurance will cover your race on the day.


Participant Identification

For each event you will be required to wear identification numbers, these may be colour coded for multiple events happening on the same day. The identification numbers are to provide a visual back up for any event marshal or any member of the public to distinguish between competitors. Where an event requires the use of a bicycle, then you will be required to have identification numbers for you, your bicycle and your helmet minimum. All identification numbers or tags must be worn at all times during the event and must not be modified in any way.


Start Times and Alterations

Provisional start times will be published with the event information at least 7 days before the event. If a high number of entries come in during the last 7 days, the start times may be subject to change. These will be published to LPS Events website accordingly on the relevant event page.


Event Format and Alterations

Course maps and information will be provided at least 7 days prior to the event on the relevant event page on LPS Events website. This will give you a chance to investigate the course and make yourself aware of the direction and format of the event will take place. Events held on private land may not have the opportunity to view the course prior to the race.  Any alterations to the course or format of the event will be made with as much notice as possible. All alterations will be made available on LPS Events website and provided in the event briefing.


Cut Off Times

Some events may require a cut off time, this will be due to your health and safety or due to restriction on the course for any number of reasons. If any event requires a cut off time, this will be made available in the event information and during the event briefing.


Removal of Participants

If for any reason you are suspected to be putting yourself or other at risk of ill health or danger, the event staff will report to the directors of LPS Events and if applicable the event referee. It will then be decided to remove you from the event should you show signs of ill health, or be putting yourself or others in danger. You may also be removed from the event for breach of the rules and regulations.


Timing and Results

All events will be timed electronically. No timing chip means no time. Timing chips must be worn on the outside of the left ankle unless otherwise specified. Unless you are racing, contact with any timing chip is prohibited, as any contact may provide you with a false starting time. LPS Events will do their very best to provide the most accurate finish times and where necessary, split times. If for any reason there is a computer glitch and results cannot be provided instantly, these will be made available at the earliest opportunity on the LPS Events website. If for any reason, all event results are lost, and no time can be given, we will not provide a refund.


Lost or Unreturned Timing Chips

All events will be electronically timed. Once you register you will be responsible for your timing chip. You must attach your timing chip to you until the end of the event, where it will be removed from you. We may use different timing chips for different format of events, you will be advised within the event pack of what type of timing chip you will be using. If your timing chip is not handed back at the end of the event, you will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the timing chip. If you fail to return your timing chip and you take it home with you, it is your responsibility to return it to LPS Events at your expense, faiure to return it, will result in being charged.



At certain events we will have media and advertising happening, by signing onto any event, you agree that any photography, videography and other articles may be published for advertising purposes for LPS Events and our sponsors.



We will advertise all sponsors of our events either through the website, or on the event information pages. The event venue will be provided by link on the event pages. Third party companies who are part of the event will have agreement with LPS Events to promote themselves. Other companies who are not actively part of the event will not be allowed to advertise or promote themselves actively in the event registration of each event unless prior agreement has been granted by LPS Events.


Event registration Arrangements

We will provide arrangements at each event for toilets, catering and retail where available. If for any reason at short notice we cannot provide a service which we have said we would, we will do our best to replace it with alike. If we are unsuccessful in doing this, no monies will be refunded to you.



Any equipment used during any event must be legal for the event. Any event involving a bicycle must be in good working order with 2 working brakes, and where advisable carry additional tubes and a pump. You must also have a certified undamaged helmet for the event. No contact with the bicycle will be allowed in the event course without a correctly fastened helmet.


Lost and/or Damage to Property

ELSW or land owners will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged property during an event. LPS Events will hold any lost property until our next event. This will then be available to pick up at the registration desk. Should you wish to have it posted out, then fees will be agreed to cover the cost of postage. Any damaged property found, will not be kept.



All participants will look after the environment, you will not be seen to throw empty gels packets or any other litter on the course, these must be kept hold of until you reach transition (if applicable) or the finish line, bins will be provided after any drinks station, you must make a conscious effort to place the cup in the bin.


First Aid

Appropriate first aid arrangements will be made for each event. Should another participant need first aid on the course, you must make the next available marshal aware giving as precise location as possible. Should you need first aid and you are able to move, you must attempt to make it to the nearest event marshal. Should another participant need urgent medical help, it is your duty to stop and assist with life threatening injuries or illness. No allowances will be made on time, however LPS Events will provide you with an alternative event.


Adverse Weather Measures

If for any reason the course or event has to be modified due to adverse weather conditions. A warning for forecast weather and proposed changes to the event will be posted to LPS Events website with as much notice as possible. Adverse weather includes but is not exhaustive: Heat, Cold, Wind, Flooding, Snow and Ice.


Fatality Management

Should a fatality occur, we will endeavor to continue the event as much to normal as possible, there may be some aspect of the event which can not run. We may need to deviate the course in some instances that may cause a delay to the event start time. This will resume when possible. If for any reason we cannot continue the event and it has to be cancelled then you will be credited towards another event.


Event Delay/Cancelations

If for any reason an event has to be delayed then this will be resumed at the earliest possible opportunity. Should the event not be possible and has to be cancelled, then no refund will be given, however you will be credited to an event of the equivalent value.


Charity Donation

Any person who wishes to donate to a charities or raise money for charity, may do so on your own behalf. You may raise money for these charities by participating in our events if you wish. Any person wishing to raise money for a charity can inform us and we will help promote through our social media to help raise awareness.


Timing Results - Results

Any issues relating to the timing or results of the event should be raised within 7 days of the event day. We are unable to process any changes after this 7 days as we do not keep timing files for long periods of time due to other events. Issues raised will be cross referenced and sorted out to the best of our ability.



Referees have input to the event directors, whom have the final decision. Any appeals must follow the appropriate appeals process on the day.


Third Party Events

Please refer to the terms and conditions relating to any event in which LPS Events manage the entries and timing for, as we do not decide on the event rules.


Event Entry Cut Off

Online information will be published 7 days prior to the event and all current entries will be allocated into waves according to request, or as set out by the event. 
Online entry will close for most events on the Wednesday prior to the event. Any entries taken between this initial sort and closing of entries will be included into the event where it is convenient, and in most cases will be the last wave of the race. 
Some events will have the option for day entries, this will be published on the individual event pages once online entries have closed. 
Once online entries have closed, there will be no option to swap race start times. This must be requested immediately after the race start lists have been published. 


Child Athletes & Participants

Any children which take part in our events are to be entered with parental consent, this consent is provided when the entry has been confirm, as it is assumed that a parent or guardian has approved payment for the event. Children will be set distances according to their age and guidelines. 

During our coaching days, a parent or guardian will have to complete a participation form for the activities being undertaken. During any event or coaching day, should your child require medical attention, this will be provided by our designated first aiders. We will call for your attention as soon as possible, however a child will never be left with a one on one basis, there will always be a third person present. 

Any welfare issues or questions can be referred to Triathlon England welfare officer, and there is an online document available here